Email Marketing 101

It doesn’t matter if your business has a physical location or if you are an internet business. If you aren’t collecting email addresses AND USING THEM, you are not leveraging your ability to connect with your current and prospective clients.

Benefits of email marketing

When email marketing is done correctly, it will help keep your business in the customer’s thoughts and

* is an easy way to communicate with your customers
* is a platform to reach potential customers/clients
* builds brand loyalty
* builds trust
* builds awareness
* is inexpensive
* is easily updated
* can be customized to different lists based on certain criteria
* improves the relationship between the company and the customer/client
* makes tracking your marketing effectiveness easy with different types of metrics

Types of content for your email marketing

I’m sure we can all relate that our email boxes get filled pretty fast. And I don’t know anyone that likes spam emails or emails that waste their time. Make your email worth the readers time. If you don’t have anything worth saying – don’t send an email. Some email marketing companies will tell you to email every day or multiple times per day and I’m sure they have their reasons…and you can decide for yourself…me, personally, if I get emails from a company (or person) that does NOT have good content, I remove myself from the mailing list.

Listed below are ideas for good content for the emails:
* create a contest (that is relevant to your business)
* how-to (relevant to your business)
* special events
* local events (if you are a brick and mortar store – advertising local events is a great way to build a good community reputation)
* polls
* newsletter
* behind the scenes
* new locations, change of address, change of phone number etc
* special hours or holiday hours
* relevant articles
* snippets of information from a blog post – and then link to your blog

Best Practices for email marketing

* keep the email short
* relevant material to you and your business
* be personal – people generally prefer to do business with people than with businesses
* make it worthwhile
* make it easy to read
* have a call to action
* include a signature line with your website and ACTIVE social media accounts
* have a sign up on your website
* have a sign up on your social media

How to set up your email marketing

Maybe you’ve been collecting email addresses but didn’t know what to do with them. Or maybe you put them in an excel spreadsheet and sent out emails using your email outlook account. Or maybe you don’t even have one yet. What you need is an email automation system. A good email marketing automation system will:
* collect email addresses
* have multiple different lists
* have professional templates that are editable
* allows for completely custom emails that can be saved as templates
* allow for signature templates
* have social media icons for your links in your signature
* have amazing metrics that are easy to read
* will allow you to schedule when your emails are sent
* allows broadcast emails (ie. sends an email immediately)
* allows for automated emails based on certain criteria (ie. when someone signs up send email #1, then 24 hours later send email number 2 and so on)

The automation system that I use and recommend is sendlane. It allows you to do all of the above and is easy to learn. You can collect email addresses from your website and have them flow into any of your lists on sendlane. You can manually enter email addresses, collect emails from landing pages, etc. If you click this link, you will get a 14 day free trial on sendlane. They also have great training videos and their tech support team responds quickly.

I hope you enjoyed Email Marketing 101 and your next steps are to take action – sign up for an email marketing automation system and start utilizing email to connect with your customers!

For full disclosure, the link to sendlane above is my affiliate link. What this means, is if you use that link, I will get paid a commission – but it doesn’t cost you anything more. You will pay the same price with my link or if you go direct. If you find my information useful and you decide sendlane is a great option for you, then I’d appreciate it if you would support me by using the affiliate link.

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