Do you need your website to rank better in the search engines? Are you losing money because your competitors are listed higher on the search engines then you?

Then what you need is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Amani Advantage offers a full range of SEO services and can help you get more qualified leads to your website.

What is SEO?
Maybe you’ve heard of SEO but you aren’t exactly sure what it is or why you need it. Search Engine Optimization is the way that you optimize your website so that it ranks higher in the search engines. For example: my faucet is leaking. I go to a search engine and I search for “plumber Evanston” (if Evanston was my town name). I probably click through to the first few sites and then pick one to call. If your site is on page 3 or 4 or 10 etc. you are not going to get my call or calls from many other people. It doesn’t matter if someone is searching for a service provider, a product, or information – most people will not go past page 2-3 on a search engine results list.

By optimizing your website (and your social media), your website will move higher in the search engine list so that you can get more business. The services provided by Amani Advantage Corp include everything you need to get put your Digital Marketing to work for you.

How do you do SEO?
As with all technology, SEO has changed over the years becoming more sophisticated. The search engines want to make sure that when someone searches for specific terms, that the listings returned will help the searcher – get answers to questions, find service providers, purchase items, do research, etc.

This means the search engines are verifying that the website listings it displays are valid websites that have valid content to share with the searchers.

In days past, this used to be as easy as sprinkling keywords throughout your website. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple anymore. While you do still need your keywords on your site, you need so much more to rank high in the search engines. This is one of the reasons why you need the Services of an SEO professional.

Even if it was as easy as sprinkling keywords through your website (which is one of the many things you need to do) – what keyword? How are people searching for your products, your business, your services? Knowing the correct keywords can make a difference between getting a few searches a month to thousands of searches a month. The SEO services provided by Amani Consulting Corp include knowing the best keywords to focus on. And you are never limited to just one keyword. We use many keywords to help build your business.

Incoming and Outgoing Links
Since the search engines want to know you are a valid business, they “look” around the internet to see who’s “talking” about you. This means your website has to have a lot of links back to your page – but it’s not just any link. There are different types of links with different strengths (ie. a link from someone’s blog post that has 5 followers is not going to carry as much weight as a link from a major news source).

Outgoing and internal links are also very important when optimizing a website. Of course, the SEO services provide all the information you need to get your linking correct to not only help your site visitors but so that the search engines rank you higher.

Digital Marketing
In today’s environment, Search Engine Optimization in itself is not enough. This only works when people know they NEED your service or product. What happens when you have an innovative product or service? People aren’t necessarily looking for you through the search engines.

This is where full-service Digital Marketing comes into play. Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing along with Search Engine Optimization should all be part of your digital advertising.

SEO services offered by Amani Consulting Corp include everything you need to get your website found in search engines and your products or services found on social media.

SEO vs. Paid Advertising
Both SEO and Paid Advertising are investments in your business. By doing SEO, you can decrease and eventually eliminate your Paid Advertising. Paid Advertising costs you per click on the link. It does not mean a purchase or even that person will stay on your website for more than a minute – you still have to pay for that click. In some industries, the price of a click on the “google” search engine can cost more than $55.00 per click. Average click rates are around $10.00 per click. This can quickly add up to thousands of dollars a day or week and really eat up even the most robust marketing budget.

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing investment in your business. Once you rank on the first few pages, you have to continue to optimize because:
1. The search engines will change how they rank websites
2. Your competitors are also optimizing their websites

Search Engine Optimization is much more cost effective and more trusted. According to, 86% of search engine users trust organic listings (listings on top because of SEO) over paid listings. They also state that 85% of search engine users click on organic links where only 15% click on paid links.

Both methods are useful in a business. Paid Advertising will get you immediate results where SEO can take some time. The amount of time depends on your niche and the competition.

Many companies try to do their own social media marketing and website optimization – but that usually will cost you money in lost revenue. You are great at what you do – the service or product you provide. You need to focus on that and let us focus on providing your SEO services for you.


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